Cold Calling Sales Technique with Leadport

Cold Calling Sales Technique with Leadport

Sales representatives are required to make use of certain techniques in their negotiations with customers in sales transactions made over the phone. Sales representatives using Leadport can dominate customer needs much more easily than other sales representatives. With this dominance and the customer tracking mechanism offered by Leadport, Leadport provides a great advantage to its sales representatives in taking the right action at the right time at every stage of the sales. The sales techniques that sales representatives will use during their meetings with customers in order to manage the sales process correctly will create a great advantage for sales representatives. There are some actions that sales representatives are recommended to take before and while meeting with the customer, and these transactions can be divided into processes.


Preliminary Preparation Process


Before the customer is called, it should be clearly and clearly determined by the sales representative who was called and for what purpose. The sales representative should never forget why he is calling the customer and the result he wants to reach with this search. Sales representatives using Leadport can easily control the needs of the customer by listening to the previous calls made with the customer and viewing the customer needs lists at any time and can easily become competent in the negotiations with the customer. At this point, sales representatives using Leadport start one step ahead of their negotiations with customers.


To Introduce Yourself To The Customer


A common mistake made by a sales representative during a conversation with a customer is not to introduce himself to the customer correctly. When talking to a customer, a sales representative must first say the customer's name accurately and carefully, and then introduce himself calmly. This communication model established with the customer enables the sales representative to enter the conversation more competently.


Speaking the Right Way


A sales representative should smile when talking to a customer on the phone. The customer will not see the salesperson smiling, but the smile will make the salesperson's voice sound smoother and more sympathetic. In addition, addressing the customer by name will enable the sales representative to give the customer a personal touch and will give the sales representative the opportunity to learn more about the customer needs as the conversation will be more sincere from the customer side. In addition, sales representatives should speak clearly and comprehensively when meeting with customers. Thus, the sales representative will be able to create a confident impression on the customer.


Expressing the Subject As A Moment


Sales representatives should state the reasons for calling the customer in a short sentence at the beginning of the conversation. Thus, the customer becomes clear about what to spare time for the sales representative and can evaluate the availability status himself.


Indicating Alternative Techniques to the Customer


The positive effect of using alternative techniques in achieving the goal is a proven fact. For example, instead of asking the customer whether he / she wants the sales documents to be delivered, instead of asking the documents via mail, e-mail or fax, it greatly prevents a negative response. In this way, the customer focuses on where to take the documents before they have the opportunity to consider whether they want to receive the documents.


Concluding a Successful Interview Correctly


After a successful meeting, a sales representative should definitely ask the customer if he / she has any questions. This helps to make the customer feel special, and the customer who sees that he is genuinely interested is more likely to buy the product you are selling from you. After asking the customer if they have any questions, the sales representative will be pleased to thank the customer for their time and the meeting will be concluded successfully.


In a phone sales process, it is of great importance that the sales representative has a command of the customer and meets the customer's requirements on time. With Leadport, you can easily follow the tasks you create about the customer and ensure that the customer's tasks are performed without delay. Leadport, which makes it easier to follow the customer, which is one of the biggest factors of the increase in sales figures, also provides great support to sales representatives in customer communication by viewing the transaction history with the customer and creating a voice record of the call calls made. Thanks to Leadport, sales representatives can easily view everything they need to know about the customer and easily take control of their conversations with the custo

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