The Five-Minute Rule: Increasing B2B Sales Engagement and Conversion

The Five-Minute Rule: Increasing B2B Sales Engagement and Conversion

A widely cited Harvard Business Review study examined the response time of 2,241 B2B sales teams after a prospect filled out a lead capture form. The most surprising finding of the study was that the average B2B lead response time was 42 hours.

The issue with slow sales lead response time is that buyers are busy and divert their attention to other matters, such as other meetings and personal commitments. Worse, they may navigate to your competitors' websites and begin researching them instead. When your sales team does respond (usually via email), it takes an average of 4.3 days of back-and-forth emails and voicemails to schedule a first meeting. Worse, 38% of qualified leads that your sales team contacts never respond; they simply disappear.

Leadport's Golden Moment Call connects your sales agents to your leads in seconds, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed.

Leadport's Golden Moment Call feature can be easily integrated into your website, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other social media ads. When a lead completes a form or clicks on an ad, Golden Moment Call will automatically contact your sales agent and provide them with the lead's information. Your sales team can then contact the lead immediately and start the sales process.

Digital advertising will provide you with greater value for your money. Your budget will not be wasted; your sales will increase, and your company will expand.

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