What is Lead Management?

What is Lead Management?

Lead management is the process of tracking and managing potential customers throughout the buying journey up until the point a purchase is made. The process usually involves three stages:

1) Lead generation and prospect inquiry

This the stage during which a demand generation activity prompts a prospect to visit your website. Traditionally, this is when a lead is met with an old school form of some type on a landing page.

2) Lead grading and routing

Once a prospect has signaled interest in a product via a landing page form, a company evaluates the information submitted to determine the identity of a prospect and determine how good of a fit they are for the product or service. From there, a prospect is routed to the right sales rep or point of contact.

3) Sales contact, nurturing and close

After the lead is routed to the right person, it’s the responsibility of the company to follow up via phone, email, or a combination of both. The way they are contacted is usually determined by the type of action that prospect originally took.

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