User Agreement


These Terms of Use and Service Agreement ("KKS" or "Contract") have been drawn up to regulate the terms of the services provided by Leadport Yazılım Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi ("Company and / or Leadport"). The User declares that he / she accepts this Agreement and that he / she will comply with this Agreement, by registering to the system through the application named Leadport ("Application") and using all the services offered by the Application (including the Leadport application downloaded from Android and IOS platforms within the application definition) and It becomes committed. This Application is managed by the Company and / or its affiliates. All kinds of services and content offered in the Application belong to the Company.

In case the User complies with the provisions of these KKS, the Company will provide a limited, non-illegal, operable, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license and content ("Content") that will be valid during the period of membership. The Content provided is a service provided to the User by the workplace where he works, the employee will only use this service as required by his job and only for commercial purposes, and will not use this Application and the Contents for personal purposes.

The User must comply with this Agreement in order to benefit from the services that Leadport provides access and use to him.


The user declares and undertakes that he will not perform the transactions listed below as items and determined as prohibited transactions ("Prohibited Transactions") by Leadport. If any of the Prohibited Transactions is detected, the account of the User who made that transaction will be suspended or closed indefinitely. Leadport also reserves all of its Statutory rights including these Prohibited Transactions:

a. To imitate any person or organization or to misrepresent the connection with any person or organization, to declare that he is working in any organization,

b. To limit and adversely affect other Users' access to and use of Leadport's services,

c. To take any action on the services offered by Leadport and its infrastructure that is disproportionate, unreasonable and causes overload to the system,

d. Failing to comply with any method, procedure, or rule connected to networks used to affect or disrupt servers and networks or to provide services,

e. Using spiders, bugs, (spiders, crawlers, etc.) robots and similar things to access the services offered by Leadport, and also to download, reproduce or archive any important part of the services offered to. Commercially selling, sharing, exchanging, transferring, lending, operating the services and Contents offered in the Application, including but not limited to the User's own account and password,

f. To comply with any national or international laws, regulations and other legislation currently valid,

g. Posting any content that is illegal, threatening, disturbing, harassing, insulting, vulgar, obscene, violating privacy of private life, containing hate speech, sending e-mails,

h. To violate the trademark, patent, trade name, copyright and other intellectual property rights of any User or Leadport,

I. Publishing unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements, promotional material, commercial e-mail, spam and similar posts.

j. Disrupting, destroying or limiting the functionality of any software, hardware or code.


Leadport is the sole owner of all content in the application. Therefore, the User cannot copy, process, reproduce, use or present to the public all and / or a part of the content contained in the Application for commercial purposes. Leadport has the right to close the User's account and to take all kinds of legal remedies when such a situation occurs.

Leadport may not accept the User candidate who wishes to register for the Application as a User without any reason.

The User can use his own line to benefit from the services in the Application, as well as a telephone line that can be assigned to him through the Application. If the User wishes to use his / her own phone line, he / she will sign the contract under Annex-1 of this Contract with the business partner regarding the datacenter infrastructure to be determined by Leadport.

Leadport is obliged to keep the information provided by the User in a secure environment. However, Leadport is not liable in any way for damages arising from information obtained by third parties illegally.

Leadport has the right to take all kinds of precautions for the proper functioning and security of the Application and to make any changes to the Application without prior notice.

The user declares and undertakes that he will not share his password with anyone, allow others to access his own account, or take actions that will endanger his account. However, the User accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not transfer his account to anyone without the written consent of his workplace and Leadport.

Leadport tries to run the Application and its services in the Application in a continuous, trouble-free, functional, virus-free and safe manner. However, in situations that may arise from Leadport's technical infrastructure, arise from the usual flow of life and may arise independently of Leadport, or completely independent of these and at Leadport's unilateral discretion, the services are not fully and completely provided and / or services are interrupted. Leadport will not be liable. Leadport does not undertake any result responsibility / commitment for the best delivery of services.

Leadport may use cookies and other elements at its sole discretion. Data communication and storage between Leadport and the devices where the User uses the Application will be at the discretion of Leadport. Leadport may use SMS, e-mail or other communication tools to verify the e-mail address, mobile phone number and other information of the Users. Leadport may suspend or close the accounts that are not actively used by the Users for 180 (one hundred and eighty) days indefinitely by informing the User via e-mail.


All information given by the User about himself and the workplace he is an employee during and after registration with the Application must always be complete, truthful and up-to-date in all respects. Leadport may close the User's account or suspend the account in case users provide incorrect and / or incomplete information while signing up for the Application, open more than one account on behalf of someone other than themselves or open a fake account.

The user will only use the services offered by Leadport on Android and IOS platforms and / or over the applications and websites envisaged by Leadport, and the systems offered by Leadport, as envisaged.

It may be possible for the user to use membership information consisting of name, password and other elements. In the event that the User forgets and / or loses them, Leadport will provide support for the User to re-enter the Application and therefore Leadport is not responsible for any damage that may occur.

The user allows the user to communicate with him at venues deemed appropriate by Leadport and by using the information that Leadport shares regarding the promotions, campaigns and similar issues of the suppliers in order to provide the services.

The User accepts in advance that Leadport may communicate with him, by using the services provided by Leadport and / or logging into the Application.

The user is responsible for his / her activities within the Application. The User also accepts that he / she will not make any sharing or conversation or produce content that is against general morality, etiquette and law, violates personality rights, promotes obscene, pornographic and illegal activities. Leadport reserves the right to close and suspend the User's account and initiate legal proceedings regarding the User, although it is not responsible for any damages that may occur otherwise.

The User will be able to perform the operations permitted by the workplace he / she works in the Application and will not publish any commercial contact information that is not allowed will not install viruses or other malicious code, not engage in any marketing activity within the Application for its benefit, will only use the Application for the business of the workplace, will not request the User information of another User, and will not access another person's account, any software or any other tool it accepts that it will not collect, distribute or process the content, information, documents and any personal data of other users. If Leadport encounters such content, it has the right to delete this content immediately and to suspend the membership of the User acting contrary to this article or to close the account indefinitely. In the event of any such work and / or transaction, the User will be responsible for any damages that may arise before Leadport.

The User will not share or take any action that violates the rights of others or the laws through the Application, will not violate any intellectual property rights, will not share anyone's identity information or any financially critical information on the Application, It accepts that it will not send e-mail invitations to non-Users without their consent. If Leadport encounters such content, it has the right to delete this content immediately and to suspend the membership of the User who violates this article or to close the account indefinitely. In the event of any such work and / or transaction, the User will be responsible for any damages that may arise before Leadport.

Users are responsible for their relations with each other or with third parties through the Application and Leadport does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

Leadport records phone calls made through the Application in order to set quality standards. The User accepts that he / she knows that the phone calls made through the Application are recorded and that he / she allows the recording of voice recordings as long as he / she uses the Application.

The User will enter the personal data of third parties into the Application and communicate with these third parties through the Application. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she receives the personal data entered into the Application in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and other related legislation. However, Leadport acts by relying on the correctness of the personal data entered into the Application and will not be responsible in any way for the illegal receipt of such personal data and / or the accuracy of the personal data.


Leadport, the provision of all kinds of information, including the voice recordings belonging to the User and received by the User during the registration phase and after the use of the services, the provision of the service, increasing the quality, providing services to be provided through Leadport's solution partners and collaborations and similar situations and It will not be shared with any third party except for any legal obligation. However, in any case, Leadport is responsible for the unauthorized reading and / or use of user data, illegal acquisition by third parties and similar situations, as well as direct or indirect damages and losses to any User and / or third party due to such situations. is not responsible. Leadport also prepared the text "Privacy Policy and Clarification" in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data regarding the confidential information of the Users, and was presented to the users.


All elements of the application, including but not limited to the design, text, image, title, business name, html code and other codes of all platforms and tools that Leadport uses while providing services belong to Leadport. The user may use the services of Leadport and the copyrighted works of Leadport listed in this article only during and related to the provision of the services, and cannot use them for commercial or any other purpose. The user does not have the right to use, modify, reproduce, distribute or create works derived from copyrighted works without Leadport's permission, and will be liable for any damages that may arise before Leadport in any such work and / or transaction.


Leadport may change and amend this Agreement unilaterally without obtaining the approval of the User, with other parties such as ensuring continuity and compliance with the legislation. The amended Contract will be deemed valid from the moment it is published in the Application and the User will be subject to the terms of the new contract.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement does not affect the validity or applicability of other provisions. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be deemed to have been replaced by another provision closest to the meaning of the said provision, unless the validity and enforceability of the said provision is indispensable for the Agreement from the very beginning.


All notifications to be sent to users will be made through any e-mail address specified in the Application or belonging to Leadport. The user accepts that the e-mail address he specified while signing up is the valid notification address, if it changes, he / she will notify the other party in writing within 5 days, otherwise the notifications to this address will be deemed valid.


This Agreement will remain in effect as long as the User continues to use the Application and a new contract is not submitted to the Users by Leadport.



This contract rights of the parties is to be interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and liabilities shall be subject to this law exclusively. Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising from the implementation or interpretation of this Agreement.